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At the intersection of Old Hillsborough Avenue and Running Horse Road in Seffner, Florida.

About Us

Hickory Hill Special Dependent Tax District (HHSDTD)

In 1988 the HHSDTD was formed by an adopting ordnance.  There was a need for a body of people to manage the maintenance of the common areas.  Today, this same organization exists and although the names of the Trustees have changed, they have the same goals and community spirit.

HHSDTD is a government agency with Trustees who are elected officials serving a 4 year term.  A Trustee serves in a responsible position with regulations and guidelines they must abide by.  Anyone who lives in Hickory Hill and is a registered voter can put themselves forward at election time, to serve on a seat due to be vacated.  If a seat becomes vacant between elections, interested residents can present themselves at a board meeting and be voted onto the board by the other Trustees.

Trustees meet on a monthly basis, (more if required), and make decisions about the common areas of Hickory Hill.  

Who pays for all this?

The simple answer is you do.  The tax is listed in the Non-Ad-Valorem Assessments section of your tax statement.  Currently you pay $72.00 a year, no matter the value of your property.  The tax dollars collected then go back to HHSDTD and they use it to maintain the common areas.

Mission Statement

To make the Hickory Hill community a desirable place for home ownership by beautifying and protecting the community's common areas, while being responsible stewards of our constituent's tax dollars.

Regular Scheduled Meetings

Second Tuesday of each Month

Time:  7:00 PM

Lifepoint Church

501 S. Kingsway Road

Seffner, Fl 33584



Jay Belcher, President

Fred Locke, Vice-President

Monte Mahr, Secretary

Marjorie Boyd, Treasurer

Mike Bolen

Vicki Olewinski

Seat HH7 is vacant.

Community News

The FY 20 Public Budget Hearing took place on June 11, 2019 at 6:30 PM.  The proposed budget was modified and approved by the board of Trustees.  If our budget is approved by Hillsborough County, the 2019 Assessment will be $108.00 per residential property (181).

Meeting Minutes & Budgets

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Hickory Hill Special Dependent Tax District

PO BOX 1022, Seffner, FL 33583 US

Hickory Hill Community Homeowners Association

The Hickory Hill Community Homeowners Association is independent of the Hickory Hill Special Dependent Tax District.